Project Lead the Way Students Dissect Eyeballs

PLTW Human Body Systems students were recently in lab dissecting some eyeballs! Sarah Holsopple’s class was able to get a hands-on lesson all about the eyeball. This sure was an experience they will not forget.

Building Trades Students Give Back to Families in Need

WACTC Building Trades students did a good deed for the those in need this holiday season! Students in the building trades field were given the opportunity to pack Thanksgiving meals to give to needy families. Thank You, Ed Waltz, Jeff McClure, and the BT boys for doing this.

Culinary Students Create Ginger Bread House Masterpieces

During their gingerbread project, culinary students in the WACTC were required to come up with an original design, and then were to build a standing model of the house they designed. After their model was approved, they used it as a template to cut the gingerbread and build the houses. Students used royal icing to put the houses together and then they were able to decorate the houses. This lesson allowed students to use their creativity along with being able to display their talents learned during the cake decorating lessons. The top five houses have been placed on display at Wawasee High School.

Building Trades Students Pour Concrete

WACTC offers many hands-on opportunities for students. Back in August, Building Trades students received a lesson on pouring a concrete floor. This is information that is useful to everyone, no matter what your future holds.

CTE Students Learn About Electricity

CTE students recently received a Powerline/Electricity demonstration from Steve Hancock of Corn Belt Energy. Students learned about the dangers of electricity, safety precautions that can be taken, and job opportunities out there in this field of work.

WACTC Offers a Wide Variety of Opportunities

WACTC has two robotics competitions in November. The middle school First LEGO League qualifying tournament is on Nov. 21 and there is a High School Robotics tournament on Nov 7. There was also a new Workshop for sophomore girls on Oct. 29 at Quaker Haven. This program offers girls experience in fields that would not typically be marketed to women.

Experience our New Website

Welcome to the new WACTC website! We have updated our look to make it easier for visitors to find what they need quickly. We invite you to check back often as we will be updating information each month. Here are some areas on the site that will be particularly helpful.

The home page has many links right at your fingertips. Stay updated with events with scrolling articles that are updated monthly. Quickly access the calendar, upcoming events and our newsletter. Students can check out our Career and Technical Student Organizations being held around the county. You can even step onto the road to your future by browsing our amazing program lineup, selecting your path, and enrolling today.

Please share our excitement about our new website and visit often to stay informed.

WACTC Offers a Wide Variety of Programs

Gone are the days when a student could float through high school and expect to land a good job upon graduation. The skill level required for careers today is rising in direct proportion to escalating advances in technology. WACTC offers a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of any student.

See your guidance counselor if you are interested in any of the following.

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Arts, AV Technology and Communications
  • Business and Marketing
  • Culinary Arts
  • Education and Training
  • Health Services
  • Human Services
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation

ECO Challenge

Wawasee has kicked off another year of the Early Career Opportunities Challenge. This is a camp that is offered all summer from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. to help students transition from middle school to high school. Each week offers a new theme complete with an afternoon adventure. Students participate in hands-on activities, Project Based Learning, team building activities and learn leadership skills.

ECO3__3_The ECO Challenge provides food and transportation that is made possible by grant money as well as contributions from the community. The afternoon adventures include many different experiences such as zip lining, canoeing, swimming, bowling, golfing and much more.

Thank you to the following contributors for making this program possible. Dekko Foundation, Shopko Foundation, Barts Watersports, Technical Services, Oakwood Inn, Little Caesars, Camp Crosley, Ulead, Wawasee Community Schools, Kosciusko Cares, Bowen , Kosciusko Community Foundation, McDonalds, New Market, Pizza Hut, Pat’s Chicago Dogs, Syracuse Café, Penguin Point, Dairy Queen, Kiwanas, Medtronic and Tranter Graphics.