Computer Illustration & Graphics

Computer Illustration & Graphics is a business course designed to develop advanced software applications in Microsoft Publisher, Windows Movie Maker, and Floor Planner/Planner 5D with emphasis on advanced word processing, web design, and desktop publishing. Students will receive instruction in operating systems, word processing, and graphics. The use of a Windows-based professional software suite along with free web applications is used throughout the class. Students will receive the opportunity to create the following: business cards, newsletters, brochures, advertisements, short movies, and 3D rooms. Additional concepts and applications dealing with desktop publishing, software integration, and Internet will be included as well as information about future technology trends. Instructional strategies may include computer/technology applications, teacher demonstrations, collaborative instruction, interdisciplinary and/or culmination projects, problem-solving and critical thinking activities, and simulations.


This course includes theory, laboratory and studio work as each relates to all phases of camera use, photographic processing and electronic photographic editing. Instruction covers the topics of composition and color dynamics, contact printing and enlarging, developing film, lighting techniques and meters, large and medium format cameras and other current photographic equipment used for portrait, commercial and industrial photography. Focus is placed on camera operation and composition related to traditional photographic principles and also tools and creative effects for editing and/or enhancing photographs. Instruction emphasizes the planning, development and production of materials that visually communicate ideas and information. Students will engage in sequential learning experiences which encompass art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and production and lead to the creation of portfolio quality works. Students create quality photographs with a digital single lens reflex camera. Students will learn Photoshop editing and digital printing.

Digital Audio/Video Media (formally Radio & Television)

This course provides instruction to develop and enhance competencies in various communication, marketing, media, production, and technical functions and tasks performed by employees, including management personnel, in radio/TV broadcasting and telecommunications occupations.  Emphasis is placed on career opportunities, production (audio/video editing), programming, promotion, sales, announcing, broadcast equipment operation, news and sports casting, webcasting and video streaming, broadcast regulations and laws, station organization, technical oral/written communication, and listening skills. Instructional strategies will include a hands-on school-based enterprise with occupational experiences, such as the operation of an in-school radio station (93.7 FM The Mix WRWT-LP), television, telecommunications, and field trips. Students will have their voices and images on air.