6 Cr / All Year / 3 Periods / Grades 11-12

  • Required Prerequisite: The students’ parents must agree to the school corporation media release agreement.
  • Location: Wawasee High School

7139 Principles of Broadcasting (2 high school credits)

The purpose of the Principles of Broadcasting course is to provide entry-level fundamental skills for students who wish to seek or pursue opportunities in the field of broadcasting or mass media.  Students will explore the technical aspects of audio and sound design for radio production and distribution, as well as, the technical aspects of video production and distribution.

7306 Audio and Video Production Essentials (2 high school credits)

Audio and Video Production Essentials provides an in-depth study on audio and video production techniques for radio, television, and digital technologies. Students will learn skills necessary for audio production and on-air work used in radio and other digital formats. Additionally, experience will be gained in the development of the video production process; including skills in message development, directing, camera, video switcher, and character generator operations.

7307 Mass Media Production (2 high school credits)

Mass Media Production will focus on the study of theory and practice in the voice and visual aspects of radio and television performance. In addition, this course introduces the skills used to acquire and deliver news stories in a digital media format. Students will learn how to research issues and events, interview news sources, interact with law enforcement and government officials, along with learning to write in a comprehensive news style.


6 Cr / All Year / 3 Periods / Grade 12

  • Required Prerequisite: Successful completion of Digital Audio/Video Media I and the student parent must agree to the school corporation media release agreement.
  • Location: Wawasee High School
  • Students may receive up to 6 dual credits from Ivy Tech

7308 Radio & TV Broadcasting Capstone (6 high school credits)

This course will cover a variety of domains further building on skills in video production, and broadcast industry practices specific to radio, television, and digital media. Attention will be given to cross-industry synergies, emerging technologies, and the global market for media. Students are highly encouraged to do a video newscast or radio practicum to gain real world experience. In most cases this practicum may be completed through a school-based enterprise.