Cosmetology 1 and 2

During this two-year program, Cosmetology I and II include classroom and practical experiences concerned with a variety of beauty treatments, including the care and beautification of hair, complexion, and hands. Instruction will include: training in giving shampoos, rinses, and scalp treatments; hair styling, setting, cutting, dyeing and tinting, bleaching, and fitting wigs; permanent waving; facials; manicuring; and hand and arm massaging. Bacteriology, anatomy, hygiene, sanitation, salon management (including keeping records), and customer relations will also be emphasized in this course. Upon completion of all state-mandated requirements, each student will take the Indiana cosmetology exam to become an Indiana licensed cosmetologist. In addition to receiving their license, the student will also have an opportunity to apply for dual accreditation towards a business degree from Vincennes University. Students also will compete in SkillsUSA, a club for young business professionals.

Grade level: 11-12

Location: Fairfield