4 Cr / All Year / 5 Periods / Grades 11-12

  • Location: Columbia City High School
  • Students may receive up to 12 credits from Ivy Tech Community College

7195 Principles of Fire and Rescue (2 high school credits)

Principles of Fire and Rescue introduces students to the various roles that firefighters and emergency services workers play to protect the public from the loss of life and property. They are frequently the first emergency personnel at the scene of a traffic accident or medical emergency and may be called upon to put out a fire, treat injuries or perform other vital functions. This course will introduce students to the history, terminology, and basic firefighting skills needed for a beginning firefighter. Additionally, students will develop a career plan for a career in public safety; including areas of Fire Science, Homeland Security, and Emergency Medical Services.

7189 Fire Fighting Fundamentals (2 high school credits)

Fire Fighting Fundamentals is for those students who are seeking certification as a firefighter. This course will prepare students for the Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations certifications and will introduce students to NFPA 1001 which serves as the standard of measurement for all fire fighters in North America. Students will learn the knowledge and hands-on practical skills for managing and controlling a hazardous materials incident required for the certifications. Furthermore, students will study how a fire behaves and will learn the basic firefighting skills needed to extinguish a fire while protecting themselves and other firefighters.


4 Cr / All Year / 5 Periods / Grade 12

  • Location: Columbia City High School
  • Required Prerequisites: Successful completion of Fire & Rescue I
  • Students may receive up to 3 credits from Ivy Tech Community College

7186 Advanced Fire Fighting (2 high school credits)

Advanced Fire Fighting expands upon the principles and techniques of firefighting learned in Fire Fighting Fundamentals. Students will study fire protection systems, firefighter safety and survival. Students will also learn what fire is, the chemical hazards of combustion, and related by-products of fire. Additionally, students will gain a better understanding of fire department organization, administration, operations, and basic strategies and tactics.

7229 Fire and Rescue Capstone (2 high school credits)

Fire and Rescue Capstone will prepare students to earn the EMT certification.